Membership Raffle

- (Added 29. May. 2018)

The I.H.S. (TM) is pleased to announce that at ALL of our Breeders Meetings in 2018, we will be giving away two free memberships for 2019.

This will take the form of a wristband raffle – simply check out your wristband number at our I.H.S. (TM) tables, adjacent to the escalators in the centre of the hall, to claim your membership.

Anniversary UPDATE

- (Added 7. Mar. 2018)

         50th Anniversary Celebrations – LATEST NEWS

For people interested in attending our 50th Anniversary event on 21st September 2019 please note:-

Since we are looking at an event over 12 months away, we do not expect people to pay for their tickets now!

We do however need an indication of numbers to enable us to determine which conference room we will need to use.

Therefore, we are asking people to REGISTER NOW with Doreen Brook our membership Secretary ( with their requirements , membership and contact details.

Your tickets will then be registered at the current discounted prices. We will then make contact early in January 2019 to take your payment and send you your tickets.

People booking tickets AFTER 1st September 2018 will not benefit from the discounted prices.


We have had a number of queries regarding Children’s prices.


Children under 16 will be 50% of stated prices

Children 16 and over will pay FULL PRICE

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IHS 50th Anniversary Event 2019

- (Added 1. Feb. 2018)

For EXCITING news relating to the society’s

50th anniversary in 2019

please re-visit the EVENTS page on 1st March 2019.


Breeders Meetings - New Policy - June 2017

- (Added 29. Jun. 2017)

At the June IHS Breeders Meeting notice was given to implement a new policy by the Federation of British Herpetologists (FBH) to implement a prohibition on the sale of certain morphs due to significant welfare concerns.

This decision has been taken on best available scientific evidence and veterinary advice, and applies to all FBH accredited shows. It will be kept under constant revision and amended as and when evidence becomes available to either add or removed morphs.

To allow adjustment to the new rules the prohibition does not come into effect until January 2018.

See Story :-

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Breeders Meetings 2017 - 2020

- (Added 6. Mar. 2017)


For ANY information relating to our National Breeders Meetings please go to the

                                                                        BREEDERS MEETINGS PAGE

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