The Tell Diaries

- (Added 16. Jan. 2019)

 Latest update - this picture was posted today of Tell by Eileen.

I face timed him just after lunch and he's fine - very upbeat and positive.
I'm pleased to say that he WILL be in attendance AND speaking at the 50th Anniversary in September, but it is also his intention to attend all but the April Breeders Meeting this year.
He is talking about being back painting by our 50th!!


50th Anniversary Payments

- (Added 9. Jan. 2019)


It is NOT possible to make payments for 50th Anniversary tickets using PayPal - we do not have this facility set up.

If you wish to book tickets for the event please TELEPHONE:-

Doreen on 01274 548342

The Tell Hicks Diaries.

- (Added 14. Nov. 2018)

The Tell Hicks Diaries.



Tell is out of surgery everything went well, he is not on a respirator, still has his speech, and had lost no movement. Now just s matter of time.


The Tell Hicks Diaries.

- (Added 14. Nov. 2018)

The Tell Hicks Diaries - A positive update.

Wednesday 14th November

I heard from Eileen just after 10 am this morning, informing me that FINALLY, Tell has gone down for surgery this morning.

We all have EVERYTHING crossed for a MORE than positive outcome.

Will keep you all posted.


The Tell Hicks Diaries.

- (Added 9. Nov. 2018)

The Tell Hicks Diaries.        Friday 10th November.

And yet again, a let down!!

Having had the operation postponed for the second time last Wednesday, everyone was expectant, that it would be all steam ahead for the operation today!!

Re-scheduled for next Wednesday 14th November.


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