IHS President Resigns!!

- (Added 1. Sep. 2017)

On Wednesday 16th August, I received a couple of emails from Steve Backshall’s management people. I have copied them for the attention of the membership.

I am writing at the request of my client, Steve Backshall, to revoke with immediate effect his presidency and support for the International Herpetological Society (IHS). Please can you ensure that Steve's name and image is removed from your website and all other IHS materials entirely and immediately. 

Please send confirmation that you have received this resignation and again once the removal of Steve's name has been actioned.

Many thanks Joanne Sear Jo Sarsby Personal Management Ltd.
Hi, I am replying to you in my role as Secretary if the IHS. Quite obviously, we are going to be asked the reasons for his withdrawal, by our members! Some sort of explanation might be nice??
Thank you. Alan H Wilkie.   IHS SECRETARY. 
Thank you for your quick response. In terms of an explanation, we are reviewing Steve's associations and have decided to focus on his other charity and conservation roles.

We request that Steve Backshall's name and image is removed from your website within 24 hours.

I am very sorry for disappointment caused by this resignation to both yourself and your members and thank you in advance for your assistance. 

Many thanks Joanne Sear Jo Sarsby Personal Management Ltd.
Following the emails of Wednesday, I have been speaking with our events organiser and  Vice Chairman, our Chairman Dave Arnold is currently away on holiday.
We find the timing somewhat coincidental, as a letter was received only last week, by Doncaster Racecourse staff (where we hold our Breeders Meetings), from the Animal Protection Agency. 
They (the APA), as always allege that our events are illegal. Suffice to say they are NOT!! We actually took out a Judicial Review, which found in our favour - categorically stating that our events did not contravene the law!! Certainly Doncaster City Council would have closed us down years ago if that had been the case. They (the council) have had numerous letters and emails from these 'activists' since we took our events to Doncaster. They have now I believe, ceased to respond to these people.
I should also point out that our events organiser has had his vehicle sabotaged and has had a death threat made against him in the past.
It would just put our minds at rest, if you could comment with just a 'Yes or No' to the question - Where you contacted by any Animal Rights Organisation.
Regards, Alan H. Wilkie            IHS Secretary.
To date I have received NO  response from my final question?
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