I.H.S. Show Update

- (Added 21. May. 2020)

Its not unexpected but we have to notify people that the June show has been cancelled due to the current measures in place due to the virus (Covid 19).


We are just having to take things a one step at a time, the venue have said they are hoping to accommodate us for the show on the 2nd August so we will have to see how that works out!


We will be contacting / sending a letter out to the June show exhibitors explaining there options, but if any exhibitor wishes to talk about it please give me a ring (01274 548342). We know we will not be able to please everyone but please remember this whole situation is beyond our control. 


- Richard - I.H.S. Show Organizer

Heptile Articles and Free Memberships

- (Added 8. Apr. 2020)

We have made the decision to change the Herptile rules. They are now as follows;

- The articles can now be ANY length

- Articles submitted by non-members are now eligible for a free membership next year

- You will receive a copy of the Herptile your article has been published in

- Even if more than one article is submitted in a SINGLE YEAR, you will only receive ONE free membership

- Only articles that are published will receive the free membership

- When submitting please include your membership number if applicable (If a non-member is submitting we will contact you for your address if published)

Please submit articles to editor@ihs-web.org.uk

Look forward to hearing from some of you!

I.H.S. Latest Official News (Its Quite long) - SHOWS

- (Added 17. Mar. 2020)

Regarding the situation that we are all currently in, it has given us plenty of problems but we feel that we now have things sorted, and under control for the time being at least.


The show that was due to take place on the 5TH APRIL has now been transferred to the 2ND AUGUST. This was the only date that we could work with in regards trying to give space between the June show and the September show as well as the availability at the venue, which has taken time to do.


We know we will not be able to please everyone so we have done the best we can under the circumstances that we have been dealt.


Exhibitors: We believe this is the fairest way of doing things and so all bookings that we have taken for the APRIL show will be moved to the 21ST JUNE. The bookings for the JUNE show will be transferred to the new date, the 2ND AUGUST. September and November bookings will stay the same.


(The above dates will stand so long as the virus implications do not continue that far ahead)


We hope you all understand that we have had to do this due to the unfortunate ongoing issues with Covid 19.


Hotels: If you had a hotel booked, we advise you call the venue and explain the circumstances. We cannot take responsibility for this situation.


All exhibitors will receive a letter explaining things in more detail over the next few days but if exhibitors wish to have a word please call using the number from your booking forms or email Richard Brook.


- Richard Brook I.H.S. Event Organizer

Daniel Bennett

- (Added 5. Mar. 2020)


CITES Update

- (Added 27. Jan. 2020)

We received the following update from DEFRA today.

Should anyone require clarification or have questions PLEASE CALL DEFRA directly.

The Society does not have any information to enable us to answer any queries.


CITES update from Defra

Dear all,

 We have received a number of queries on how movements of CITES species will be affected once we leave the EU on 31 January.

 The Withdrawal Agreement (WA) will come in to force on exit day. Under the WA there will be an implementation period (IP) until the end of 2020. EU legislation implementing CITES will continue to apply in the UK during the IP.

We expect that guidance on CITES arrangements after the implementation period will be published on GOV.UK.



Emma Bailey-Beech, Policy Advisor, International EU Exit Team

International Biodiversity & Environment

Wildlife, International, Climate and Forestry Policy Wildlife, International, Climate and Forestry (WICAF) Directorate

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

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