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- (Added 9. Sep. 2017)


IHS President Resigns!!

- (Added 1. Sep. 2017)

For the first time in the 48 year history of the society, our president has resigned mid term!!

For some inexplicable reason Mr. Steve Backshall has resigned his position.

The response from his management company is somewhat lame to say the least, considering that nothing is expected of the President, other than perhaps the odd presentation during the term of office!

The email 'paper trail' is set out below. 

I leave the people to draw their own conclusions!!


Alan H. Wilkie         IHS Secretary.

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Post-Doctorate Opportunity in Brazil

- (Added 31. Aug. 2017)

Butantan Institute, in São Paulo Brazil, is selecting candidates for two Post-Doctorate positions granted with FAPESP fellowships to work in the Thematic project Biota-Dimensions "Scales of Biodiversity". 

This is an integrated binational project, conducted in partnership with researchers from the United States, aiming a broad-scale study on the evolution of snake venom and its role in the diversification of snakes in the Americas.


Please see below.


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Breeders Meetings - New Policy - June 2017

- (Added 29. Jun. 2017)

At the June IHS Breeders Meeting notice was given to implement a new policy by the Federation of British Herpetologists (FBH) to implement a prohibition on the sale of certain morphs due to significant welfare concerns.

This decision has been taken on best available scientific evidence and veterinary advice, and applies to all FBH accredited shows. It will be kept under constant revision and amended as and when evidence becomes available to either add or removed morphs.

To allow adjustment to the new rules the prohibition does not come into effect until January 2018.

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Breeders Meetings 2017 - 2020

- (Added 6. Mar. 2017)


For ANY information relating to our National Breeders Meetings please go to the

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