Breeders Meetings - New Policy - June 2017

- (Added 29. Jun. 2017)

At the June IHS Breeders Meeting notice was given to implement a new policy by the Federation of British Herpetologists (FBH) to implement a prohibition on the sale of certain morphs due to significant welfare concerns.

This decision has been taken on best available scientific evidence and veterinary advice, and applies to all FBH accredited shows. It will be kept under constant revision and amended as and when evidence becomes available to either add or removed morphs.

To allow adjustment to the new rules the prohibition does not come into effect until January 2018.

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Breeders Meetings 2017 - 2020

- (Added 6. Mar. 2017)


For ANY information relating to our National Breeders Meetings please go to the

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New IHS Merchandise in stock

- (Added 28. Feb. 2017)

Just an update 

We have now received new IHS polo shirts in ALL colours and sizes.

We are now also stocking black and grey hoodies and black and red beanie hats.

Images and prices will be available on the Merchandise page shortly.


Frog Ladder

- (Added 12. Jun. 2016)

Roger Butler one of our Vice-Presidents, recently attended the BHS AGM.

A member there, reported upon a new building development within his area which had been built on a recognised amphibian location, resulting in large numbers of these animals becoming trapped in roadside gullies and dying.

He has developed a novel approach to this problem, a ‘Frog Ladder’.

When you consider the simplicity of the device, it should save numerous amphibians, where a new development is being undertaken, and there has been a known population of our aquatic friends!! 


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Kenya Reptile Atlas

- (Added 11. Jul. 2014)

                                         The Kenya Reptile Atlas – A free science resource for all

Stephen Spawls, Patrick Malonza, Beryl Bwong, Vincent Muchai

and Victor Wasonga

Information on Africa’s reptiles is often hard to come by, to be found in dense scientific papers and books. 

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