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The Book of Snakes by Mark O'Shea

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The Hilton Hotel - Garden Inn (Doncaster Racecourse)

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NOTE :- We now have booking details for The Hilton Hotel.

Everyone wishing to have rooms at the on-site Hilton please see below

The Hilton – Garden Inn (Doncaster Racecourse)

To book please:-  Contact: Alex in Reservations ...Tel: 01302 986 888 (Option 2) and Quote: REPTILE  to receive I.H.S. rates.

(after the September show, our special rate will end TWO WEEKS before all other events, so ensure you book early otherwise you pay full price).

The hotel is animal friendly but please people act responsibly otherwise that could alter!!!

Our First Recipient revealed

- (Added 20. Aug. 2018)

Our donations to Reptile related charities.

A short while ago, we reported, that we would be splitting the proceeds from our November Breeders Meeting three ways, and donating the monies to different charities.

I am now able to reveal the FIRST of those charities who will receive a donation from the November show.

This recipient is Medasset, which is a charity working specifically with sea turtles, in and around the Mediterranean/Adriatic areas.

Their work is invaluable for the future of these magnificent sea creatures and we hope that our donation helps.

This year they have also become involved with various other charities in an effort to ‘clean up’ our seas and oceans from the human debris which is plastic.

I read recently, that various forms of ‘sunscreen’ are being absorbed by the sea and are actually responsible for killing off large amounts of coral reef.

Humanity is systematically destroying the planet on which we all live.

I don’t know about others, but I would like to think that there WILL BE coral reefs, sea creatures and in fact all types of wildlife for my grandchildren and future generations of my family to enjoy as I have.

Hopefully, our donation to Medasset will play just a small part in helping.

November Breeders Meetings

- (Added 10. Aug. 2018)

November Doncaster Breeders Meeting.

Historically, when we began the November show, it was organised and run by the society but for the benefit of the West Midlands and North East Branches. The proceeds from the show, being split between these two branches.

Some time ago, both of these branches decided that they no longer needed the money and that the money should go elsewhere. To that end and due to the legal problems the hobby was facing at that time, we decided that the cash should be given to the FBH for its fighting fund.

Due to the recent changes in the law, which will be implemented in October, we feel that to donate the proceeds of the November show is unnecessary and as such, from this year’s November show, the proceeds will split between three reptile related charities.

 Further details of the recipients will be published in due course.

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