Tell Hicks - Donations

- (Added 7. Oct. 2018)

 PLEASE PLEASE - take note.

Following the excellent response to the online fundraiser set up by Bob Ashley and others in the US, we will be having a collection bucket on the IHS tables at the Doncaster show next month to add to the fund.

Tell is currently paralysed from the neck down and obviously is unable to paint.

Everyone who knows him and of his plight, is praying for a miracle, to enable Tell to continue with his fantastic work.


Please consider making a donation - Tell was one of the founder members of the I.H.S. and is always in attendance at our Breeders Meetings.

Two of Tell’s sons will be manning his tables in November and making video greetings to play to Tell in hospital.

So stop by and say Hi to Tell.


Tell Hicks - a SAD update.

- (Added 5. Oct. 2018)

Tell Hicks - a sad update.

The family had a meeting with the surgeons last night who have decided that surgery is too risky and would almost certainly make his condition worse.
It would not give him any more movement or lengthen his life expectancy!
If they do nothing but palliative care, the neck will heal itself but the spinal cord will not. 
He can still talk and joke - but like me (Dylan) he must be crying inside at the injustice of it all.

He will be moved to Salisbury next week where he will be better cared for.


On behalf of the IHS and myself, I wish Tell every good wish - miracles do happen and I know we are all praying for one right now.

Our thoughts are with Eileen and his family in this terrible time.


Fundraiser for Tell

- (Added 4. Oct. 2018)


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Tell Hicks - update.

- (Added 3. Oct. 2018)

Hi everyone- I had an update a short while ago from Dylan, Tell Hicks' son posted by his mum Eileen.

Hey Alan, just letting you know my mum has posted the following regarding dad.


I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone for your good wishes and messages offering support. We have read some of them to Tell to keep him positive and let him know that everyone is rooting for him. His condition is stable and he is breathing easier. He has some movement in his shoulders but can't move his arms although he can feel people touching them.. Think positive thoughts everyone and once again, a big Thank you.



Tell Hicks

- (Added 3. Oct. 2018)

I had a telephone call from Eileen Hicks, Tells' wife yesterday late afternoon, informing me of the incident below. I assumed that she (Eileen) wanted to keep it 'tight' since she asked that I notify just a couple of people. Since it has now been posted on Facebook, I post the sad news here also. 


This has to be the worst post I have to make.

Tell had a fall, banged his head and has broken his neck. He is completely paralysed. On advice from the spinal unit they are waiting until Friday to allow the swelling to settle before operating to stabilise his neck. If he comes through the operation he will be transfered to the Spinal injuries unit in Salisbury to start a very long road to rehabilitation. The prognosis at the moment is he will never walk again and may not get any movement back at all. With all his other ailments he is at risk of having a heart attack or stoke at any time. If this happens he has asked not to be resuscitated. I can't tell you how heartbreaking this is for me and my family. We are trying to be upbeat for him, although in a lot of pain he is fully concious and is aware how bad this is. Please share with anyone who knows Tell. and I will try to keep everyone up to date with progress

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