Printing Error

- (Added 3. Jul. 2018)

There are a small number of The Herptile - June edition, which contain duplicate pages.

This was an error at our printers finishers.

If you have received one of these 'faulty' copies then please let Doreen know AFTER 9th of June and she will organise a replacement for you.




Alan H. Wilkie            IHS Editor.

Amersham Meeting

- (Added 26. Jun. 2018)


Defective gene statement

- (Added 4. Jun. 2018)

I.H.S. Statement Regarding the sale of the following at I.H.S. events: -

Spider royal pythons, jaguar carpet pythons and enigma leopard geckos.

We will be banning all base gene sales of the above at the June show as reported last year. We will then ban the sales of two gene morphs of the above at the September show and then a voluntary ban on all other morphs of the above at the November show. A TOTAL ban of all morph’s carrying these genes will be implemented from 2019.

This may not be implemented with the speed and haste that some of you want, but it is the way that we have decided to respond under the circumstances.

The I.H.S. is not saying people can’t breed and sell the above, we are saying that we feel it’s not good for the hobby and they should not be offered for sale at our events.

When the total ban of the above is implemented in 2019 it will also mean that they will not be able to come on any part of the venue to be exchanged. This includes the exchange room and the car parks of the venue.

With a voluntary ban in November we will see what morals the breeders of the above have?
Please note this is the stance of the I.H.S. we are making a start as people have requested, please do not say we are not doing enough it’s a start.

The above is how it will work at our events this year, I hope this explains things a little better than in previous posts what we will be doing


Ricxhard Brook     IHS events Organiser.

Membership Raffle

- (Added 29. May. 2018)

The I.H.S. (TM) is pleased to announce that at ALL of our Breeders Meetings in 2018, we will be giving away two free memberships for 2019.

This will take the form of a wristband raffle – simply check out your wristband number at our I.H.S. (TM) tables, adjacent to the escalators in the centre of the hall, to claim your membership.

Global Education Project

- (Added 2. May. 2018)

 I received the message below through our society email account.

I wonder if anyone in our community could be of assistance to this teacher and his students?

PLEASE - contact Tom Harten directly via email.


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