50th Anniversary Update

- (Added 10. Jun. 2019)


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50th Anniversary event gets bigger

- (Added 1. Mar. 2019)

Our 50th Anniversary event continues to grow!!


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50th Anniversary -Limited Time for Tickets

- (Added 20. Feb. 2019)


50th Anniversary Menu

- (Added 15. Feb. 2019)

                             50th Anniversary of the Herpetological Society

21st September 2019


For those who have not yet booked their tickets for the

Society’s 50th Anniversary event,

The dinner menu set out below may just get your saliva flowing, enough to book your tickets??

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Reptile Related Charities and Rescue Centres.

- (Added 25. Jan. 2019)

 Reptile Related Charities and Rescue Centres.

The IHS is pleased to announce, starting with our June 2019 Breeders Meeting we will be providing - FREE of CHARGE, one table, for a maximum of Three Reptile Related charities or Rescue Centres per show.

This will be on a first come first served basis and those interested must contact Richard Brook (Richard.brook@ihs-web.org.uk) to request booking forms.

The sale of animals from these tables WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

Only two members will be allowed per table and this offer is on a basis of once per year, to give anyone interested the opportunity.

This is just another way that the IHS is helping the hobby and is in addition to our monetary donations to charities.

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