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Maker of hand crafted hooks and suppliers of various types of equipment and accessories. See me at the IHS Breeders Meetings contact me via Facebook,

email me or call on 07807 003601 


I have the following hatchlings available:

Russian Ratsnakes (Elaphe schrenki)

Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes (Lampropeltis pyromelana)

Leopard Snakes (Zamenis situla)

Prairie Kingsnakes (Lampropeltis calligaster) - locale: Wichita Falls, Texas

For photos, more information and prices please txt Dave on 07482310136


 For Sale

Florida blue garter snakes            (Thamnophis sirtalis similis)        £45 each.

Albino chequered garter snakes   (Thamnophis marcianus)            £30 each.

Chequered garter snakes             (Thamnophis marcianus)            £25 each.

Albino Cape house snakes           (Boaedon capensis)                   £10 each.

Brown Cape house snakes           (Boaedon capensis)                   £10 each.

All the above snakes are captive-bred in 2019.   

The garter snakes are excellent feeders.

The house snakes can be tricky and this is reflected in the price.

I wish the house snakes to go to experienced snake keepers.

For further information please contact Pete Johnson on 0161 740 1229 (Manchester) or e-mail


For Sale

1.1 Mainland Chahoua      CB18  £600
8.12 Crested Gecko          CB18  £60/500
5.15 Leopard Gecko         CB19  £40/140

For further information, please contact Luke on 07737018681

Collection from our Table at Doncaster IHS September show. 

For Sale

 Burmese Pythons CB19 various morphs for sale

We are D&H Royals Hobbyist breeders of Royal and Burmese Pythons based near Portsmouth, South coast UK.

Some hatchlings are ready now and others will be ready once feeding correctly and consecutively but will take a 20% non-refundable deposit to secure any snake.

Here we have for sale our surplus stock.

Burmese Pythons:

Albino - £100

Hypo 100% het Albino - £110

Pearl (Albino x Hypo) - £145

Wildtype 100% het Albino - £60

Ivory/Super Hypo/Black or Blue eyed leucistic 100% het Albino - £250

Ivory Albino/Red eyed leucistic - £300

Females and males available in all morphs, but limited numbers in both sexes.

PLEASE REMEMBER... These will grow to be giant powerful snakes within a few years and will need a lot of space, so these will only be sold to experienced and responsible owners. Do your research, before you consider purchasing one of these giant species of snakes.

All our hatchlings are shedding and pooping fine, feeding on thawed frozen mice or rat fluffs.

They have all been well looked after from birth, regularly fed and cleaned and also we have handled all our snakes as much as possible so it gets them used to human contact.

All snakes come complete with a full feeding and shedding information and provided with a snake box* for transport if needed

*please note this is not and cannot be used as a vivarium

Collection from PO7 area near Portsmouth or local (max 50 mile radius) drop off can be arranged at the cost of fuel

No Time Wasters Please!

We also have a table at the reptile show in Doncaster.


If you’re interested or have any further questions please email

or check out our Instagram         @dnh_royals

or Facebook page                         @Danny Mead


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