Wanted: up to 4 male Dendrobates leucomelas. Happy to purchase or exchange for other dart frogs.

Contact  - Simon. Tel 0770 775 1900 or email s.townson@imperial.ac.uk

For Sale

For Sale - Hyla arborea  (European Tree Frogs) 2017 from greenhouse colony, some already half grown, £6 each; Bombina maxima 2017 breeding £12 each.

For further information please contact Lee: leemalpass@hotmail.com - collection from Malvern Worcestershire.


For Sale - I have adults, juveniles and babies of Bavayia geitiana and Bavayia cyclura.  Both species are from New Caledonia and can be kept under similar conditions to Crested geckos.  They feed on small crickets and many of the Gecko diets available.

I also have babies of Eurydactylodes agricolae and viellardi and Geckolepis maculata for sale.

I will be at the November IHS meeting.

For further information please contact David on dgrthwt@aol.com


For Sale - Dwarf Burmese Pythons (P.M. progschai), CB2016 photos and feeding records available. See Herptile 42 : 1 for article.

Males £275, Females £375, £600 per pair. Deposit secures.

Courier at buyer's expense. Will be at Doncaster.

For further details contact David at: david.cropper@stork.com , text only 0797900143. Based in Southport.

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