Breeders Meetings 2019 - 2020




There are NO pre-paid tickets for our Breeders Meetings.




5th April,      21st June,      20th September,     1st November.


Admission Times /Entry Fees

IHS Members     10:15am           £2.50

Non Members    10:45am           £5.00


All children under 16 are free entry but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Doncaster Racecourse,

Leger Way,

Doncaster    DN2 6BB.

NEW Exchange Room Rules

                                                                            Exchange Room

Due to the popularity of the exchange room we are having to alter the way in which the room will work, the new format is below:-

It is now up to the individuals to put their name & phone number and the name & phone number of the person collecting the animals on the box, container or whatever the animals are brought in before you enter the exchange room, (we need these details in case any are left and yes they have been in the past?) All you will need to do is enter the room pass your box to the ladies running it, give a donation and they will put one ticket on your box / container and hand the other to you. We believe this will speed up the drop off no end, if you fail to put your details on your box you will be asked to put your details on the forms we have used in the past, we will have the old forms for a few events for those of you that have forgot or those that have not seen this.

For confirmation animals will not be allowed into the hall from the front entrance even if they are for an exhibitor, they must go to the exchange room and stay there until the end of the show or the person picking them up is going home, this room is supplied by the venue to stop deals being done in the car parks and to make sure the animals are in a safer environment than being left in a car. With that in mind it is your responsibility to make sure that your animals are in proper containers and heated were necessary, it is not the responsibility of the I.H.S. Please also note this room is for small deals / exchanges and not intended to be a replacement for a table!

As this room is just a service. our vets do not look at the animals in the exchange room as they do in the actual show. They are there should anyone have a problem or needs their help, just see one of the people on the tills outside the room and a vet can be called. Please try and help by putting the details on before you arrive, please remember bags and boxes will be searched if you’re taking them into the hall.

I.H.S. Show Organiser 

National Breeders Meetings - Information

Our National Breeders Meetings were set up to enable IHS members and members of FBH affiliated clubs and societies to buy and sell their surplus animals and offspring.

Members are also able to sell their redundant / unwanted hardware.

In addition – traders are in attendance at all of our shows selling a complete range of dry goods, equipment and feeding stuffs / supplements.

Also available at our shows are a range of invertebrates and amphibians.

Traders are also at the shows selling complete bio-active set-ups.

The doors of the show open at 1015 for IHS & Affiliated members and non-members can gain entry from 1045.

There is NO PRE-BOOKING available. Strictly pay on entry. The venue is wheelchair friendly.

The IHS have a stand where you can buy our merchandise and if a non-member you can join the society on the day.

Show Bookings

Would all members who wish to book tables for any of our breeders meetings please take the time to read ALL the rules, guidance and booking forms properly.

Far too many people seem not to be reading them, booking forms are being sent back either incomplete or filled out incorrectly, please to save us having to send your forms back to you and the possibility of losing your space, read the rules and fill out the booking form according to the rules that apply to you.

Anyone selling livestock MUST put the names and membership details of anyone on their table. Should people arrive without the proper id etc. they will NOT be allowed entry to set up under any circumstances.


Richard Brook – IHS Show Organiser.

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